10 Important Blogging Lessons I Have Learned

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1 – Blogging is only 20% content creation

In my experience blogging has only been about 20% content creation and 80% promoting and learning. Early on you must spend more time promoting your blog to increase your position rankings in SEO. If you spend the majority of your time in making posts, how will people not know about it if you hardly even market it?

This is why, I find it important to experiment different marketing strategies, then gradually change from 80% of my time on marketing to 80% on content once I have a following.

2 – A good designed theme is a must!

I have invested quite a lot with WordPress themes. I have learned that good themes not only improve the loading speed of your website, but it also increases the length of time a user stays on your website.

In the blogging industry, you must do better than your competitors, from your pages design, writing and creation of pins. Following this path also improves the trust your readers will have with you.

3 – Having a Pinterest Strategy is vital!

I always thought a few pins from my latest posts was sufficient to get repins. But, that was purely hopeful thinking. A couple of months ago I decided to read every blog post for Pinterest strategies, and create one strategy that works for me, which greatly improved my Pinterest traffic.

4 – You Don’t Need Huge Traffic To Earn Money

Quite a few amount of bloggers talk about how it takes a few years to earn an income through blogging. This is not true, a large amount of traffic does make it easier, but you can always earn money in a few different ways.

Ranging from consulting calls, affiliate sales and revenue from ads.

5 – Taking criticism is important

If you don’t take criticism then you can never grow your blog past a certain point. Now, I am not saying to take EVERY criticism, but take ones that you personally feel that you can work on.

Not only will you improve your knowledge, but you will also improve the relationship you have with your community.

6 – Invest in education to improve your blog

Similar to point 3 but with a slight twist. In the blogging industry you must be up to date with everything! As this can present new opportunities that you can take, and allows you to avoid a few mistakes along your blogging journey.

7 – Not growing an email list is a huge mistake

Let’s say your Pinterest strategy is bringing you a large amount of traffic. But what’s the point on bringing this traffic if you can not reach them on a regular basis?

If you go with the approach to not create an email list, you are pretty much hoping that your Pinterest strategy will always work, which is quite impossible as Pinterest algorithm changes quite frequently.

8 – Your site speed score does not matter

I was obsessed with improving my websites speed score for SEO purposes. But from a few case studies I have watched, it seems your page speed does not affect your websites position on Google.

However! Do not mix this with the actual loading speed of your website, since a loading speed of 4 seconds or longer will cause users to leave your website before the page even loads.

9 – Networking with other bloggers is important

In life, you need to network with others due to the opportunity they may bring you. With networking, it will be easier for you to write guest posts on other bloggers websites and to potentially calibrate with each other.

10 – Knowing your audience is critical

At first, I never saw the point to understand who my audience is, but I can now see its importance.

Understanding your audience allows you to better understand their weak points and provide a solution. Which can provide some monetary benefits. It will also create trust, which you can use to increase your network.


Well, this is everything that I have learned from my blogging journey. Also, if you enjoyed this post join my newsletter for more tips and tricks 🙂

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