5 Ways To Improve Your Mental Health During COVID-19

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Hard to imagine it being a good year, right? Been there, done that. However, don’t forget that while there’s life, there’s hope.

We know for a fact that this new decade didn’t start off in the best way. Let’s rewind…

Right at the beginning of January the hashtag #WorldWarIII was highlighted as trending in Twitter, one of the biggest social media platforms. The possibility of a World War III was suggested by Twitter users due to the conflict between the USA and Iran. — More in the link below:


And let’s not forget the tragic bushfires which occurred in Australia that put in risk the life of endangered species. — If you’re interested in the topic:


If you want to see more on the recap follow this post of the Insider:


Still in January, we were informed about the virus Covid-19. Although most people were neglecting it while stating that it was “just a common flu”, we’ve come to the place that we are now. Started as an epidemic, which became a pandemic very fast and easily.

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More than three in five Americans report feeling lonely, and that number has been rising. And now, the coronavirus outbreak has led even more of us to experience some level of social isolation.

Whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert, it can get hard. Personally, I’m in the middle but more inclined to the introvert side. At first, I got so happy about staying home. Nonetheless, things started to darken up. I was going crazy so I needed to find a solution.

Here are 5 things you can do at home, instead of staying in bed/couch all day:

  1. Since you’ve more time now, learn more about yourself by trying new things like finding a new hobby (e.g.: painting; cook new dishes; if you write try new subjects; get inspired and reshape your house by putting the furniture in different ways; etc.);
  2. Try working out if you don’t already. Don’t know where to start? There are 2 YouTubers that have been going trendy and have websites with a variety of plans which you can choose from and are totally free (links below);



3. Try Yoga, this is very important for a good mental health since it has been proven to help reduce anxiety and treat depression. You can learn more about it here:


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Besides that, Yoga can improve heart health, quality of life, reduce chronic pain, and much more (source: Healthline).

4. Meditate, if you never did it, you may think that its boring and hasn’t any benefits. I was also in that position once. However, it doesn’t hurt to tr. It can “reduce stress, control anxiety, promote emotional health, enhance self-awareness, …”(source:Healthline);

5. Learn a new language, you may even try a difficult one, such as Chinese, Russian, Arabic, etc. Resources aren’t missing thanks to the internet.

It’s okay to have lazy days, we all have it. Nevertheless, you can’t turn that into a routine. If you let that happen you will start to feel apathetic, sad, and depressed. Therefore, you gotta move.

When you read this article introduction, you may have asked yourself throughout the text:

How can these things help me have one of the best years?

Well, the answer is quite simple, you don’t need to have amazing experiences to have a great year. By doing those things I referred you’re finally having time for yourself and consequently discovering more about you, aspects that you didn’t even know about. You may find a hobby that you love and will never let go of, practice good exercises for your health, learn a new language that can be helpful in the future, etc.

So let’s call this year the Self-improvement year.

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