How To Be Emotionally Strong

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Introduction To How To Be Emotionally Strong

In today’s society, men are told to be emotionally resilient through and through. Though I do think it’s important to be resilient but there is always a limit.

We can’t be too emotionally weak where we complain about every aspect of our lives. Yet we also shouldn’t be too emotionless, as this will result in depression. This does not include for just men but for both genders too! 

I remember a year back, I was a complete mess, I was angry all the time over the littlest things but little did I know it was purely due to the people that were in my life. Thus I had to change. These were the changes that I have implemented to become more emotionally strong.

Distancing yourself from toxic people makes you emotionally strong, how? Well, you are not constantly being attacked by these individuals. Each time one of us has an argument with another person, we get emotionally drained. So, look back and think, “Is there anyone that consistently makes me sad?” once the answer pops up, be sure to remove them from your life.

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Meditation is pretty much shown as the solution for everything. Well, it really is the solution to most problems! Meditation helped me progress so far in my life. When meditating you need to have a clear mind, meditation especially helps when you are trying to control your emotions.

So I hope this is enough reason for you to meditate, but you may be asking how do you meditate?

We often get distressed by the little things whilst progressing through our daily life. Thus, we can have random outbreaks of lashing out to someone or crying randomly, instead of doing that take a few deep breaths and ask yourself is my reaction normal? If yes, then what can you do right now to alleviate the burden on your shoulders right now? Lastly, remember, that although crying is good for you in healthy doses but be aware that crying will also make you have a biased opinion on the argument that has occurred, with any emotion this is true.

So take a few steps back, analyze the situation and ask yourself yet again, is your reaction normal when you are more relaxed.

By writing on a journal you are expressing your emotions and taking your frustations out. See your journal as your close friend that you can talk to at any time, doing so will not only calm your mood but it will also make you happier. Previously I wrote on my journal quite reguarly, expressing my moods and frustations. Doing so allowed me to become happier and calm.

What can you add on your jounal?

Absolutely anything, though I do recommend for you to list your emotions. For example, Monday – Sunday write on your journal how you feel mentally and emotionally. Then write what activities caused happiness and what caused sadness, from doing this you can see a pattern on what recurring events bring you down emotionally.

If you do not want to write on a journal you can always download the application called Daylio.

Daylio, allows you to track your emotions on a daily basis, they’re available on iOS and Android devices.

For Android Devices – Click here

For iOS Devices – Click here

If your distress is being caused by an individual, be sure to put limits. Putting limits is you informing an individual that you do not want them to act this way towards you. An example of this is previously in my life, I had a few friends that kept making mean comments about my relationship, due to it negatively impacting me, I told them specifically to either stop or face consequences e.g. me ignoring them.

If they truly value you, then they will listen to your request, if not it’s their loss and not yours.

However, the important thing to remember is to inform them about these limits in a calm and collected manner, otherwise you will merely just cause an argument between the both of you, in which no one wins.

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