How to Build High-Quality Backlinks With 1 Guest Post!

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Within one week, I was able to generate 6 (DoFollow) backlinks to my website. And, this was done entirely with the help of

Hackernoon is a website where individuals talk about technology, cryptocurrency, and occasionally self-improvement.  

I made an article called… The Security Vulnerabilities Of Smart Devices. The article gained 94 Views within three days and generated six backlinks. However, the most critical backlink I attained was from Hackernoon themselves, which most indefinitely helped my website achieve higher domain rankings. 

Hackernoon is an excellent place for you to publish your articles, as not only do they have DoFollow links, but their massive audience allows you to promote/sell your products. 

For me, I promoted my newsletter and website, which gained an increase in traffic because of it.

Here are the steps, you first need to make an account in hacker noon and write an article, upon submitting it, the editors will read and make a few adjustments to your article. They will then promote it via twitter, and potentially their newsletter following if they like it. However, be sure that your writing is fantastic in every way; otherwise, your chances for them to feature it is relatively low. 

Different Forms Of Generating Backlinks

I find it, writing a personalized email to each website can be quite tricky for you to generate your backlinks since most of these individuals do not know you. Therefore, my primary strategy for generating backlinks is by being a writer for these gigantic websites. Though it can difficult initially, it will most certainly pay off in the end. 

My second method is by communicating with blog owners on indie hackers. Most individuals in this community are quite supportive, and talking to these owners is relatively easy since you get their personalized email address if you want to contact them.

As the last strategy for backlinks, be sure to contact podcasts. You can find these podcasts on Spotify or Google Podcast. Be sure to reach them, tell them your idea, and see whether they will accept it.

Additionally, be sure to check these podcasts are related to your niche. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time when you are pitching your idea.

Use your existing backlinks to your advantage

Most of the time, when a company refers to your page or article, it’s most likely they loved it, so why not contact them? Contacting them is far more comfortable than reaching out to a new company with no existing relationship.

You can contact them to ask for two requests. Asking for guest blogging opportunities or show them an article that they will have an interest in.

However, be sure the company you’re networking with has a high domain authority, as, if it’s too low, it may not be worth your time.

Are Backlinks important for starter websites?

The question we must answer is the following when starting, is it essential to allocate all of your time into backlinks? 
From my personal experience, I think this varies. I think a large portion of your time should focus on attaining views via forums or advertising on Pinterest. Since SEO, although important, it is a long-term strategy.
For starter websites, the most important thing for you to do is create unique content that will stand out from the crowd, and when you do, pitch your post to a website like hacker noon and advertise it on Facebook groups/forums. 
And if that article does get accepted, be sure to link the same article to other high domain authority websites for Google to see your article as the best and most trusted one in contrast to your competitors. 
From experience, it’s best to allocate most of our time writing guest posts for specific articles on our website, as this will increase our google search rankings by quite a bit.
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