You Don’t Need Motivation, You Need Discipline

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Motivation is what we feel we need to be the driving force of our actions; however, upon taking a course of productivity. I then began to realize this could be further from the truth.

When I say you don’t need motivation, I really do mean it! this is the reason why…

Motivation operates on the assumption that a particular mental or emotional state is necessary to complete a task. Thus this makes us rely entirely on being in the “right mood.” But as we all know, life is not that simple, and we can not force ourselves to be in the right mood.

The image below shows the process of seeking motivation…

This is a vicious cycle, where we repeatedly repeat the same thought patterns to result in nothing.

But this is what we do need to eliminate motivation

What we need is discipline. Discipline acknowledges that we have an issue with starting a task, but it forces us to do the task regardless.

Imagine discipline as a muscle. At first, it will be challenging to train that muscle, but it gets stronger over time and can perform better than before.

Discipline is incredibly powerful if practiced daily; this is because it separates us from our moods and feelings, thereby making the process of taking action easier.

To conclude this segment, I want you to believe that motivation does not exist in the world. But what does exist is discipline.

Changing your identity

Most procrastinators see themselves as lazy individuals who don’t contribute much to society. If you tell yourself that, you are only reinforcing your behaviors. Since in your brain, it will think well, its only natural that I am like this.

When in fact, you are whoever you set yourself to be. Recently, I have been consistently telling my self that I am a productive person and can’t spend a day without doing some that are productive.

This resulted in my mind changing and me wanting to do more things that are good for me.

So stop telling or thinking to yourself that you are lazy, and change that mindset to a personality.

The fun factor of motivation

I recently asked myself why I am okay with watching Netflix series but not studying? Well, the reason for this is quite simple. Studying is not as enjoyable as watching something (depending on the person as some people enjoy studying).

I then decided to try and figure out ways to make studying enjoyable. I did this by playing music and challenging my friends to get a better score than mine from studying a specific material in an hour. This creates a friendly competition that most people enjoy.

Remember, the critical thing is to make your activity as enjoyable as possible for you to want to do it the next time.

Set a deadline

Setting a deadline is shown to increase productivity drastically. This theory is called Parkinson’s Law.

A research conducted by C. Northcote Parkinson found that most military individuals who were given a sufficient amount of time in a deadline hardly done the task at all. However, when the deadline was shortened, the productivity rate increased, as the soldiers completed the task the next following day.

We can see this happening in our everyday life. Personally, for me, whenever I had an assignment due the next day, I finished it immediately. Whereas the homework I had weeks to complete them by, I hardly focused on them.

However, we only focus on the deadlines when we know they have a significant impact on us. For example, I always study for my exams because I know it will impact me in the future, so the discomfort studying hardly outweighs the discomfort of me not getting a potential future job and so forth.

So there is one thing that we can do to treat our tasks with the utmost importance, which is putting money on the line. Let’s say you wanted to finish a project by the end of the week. If you do not feel like doing it, tell yourself that if you don’t complete it, you will give $1,000 or half your life savings to a friend or a charity.

Law of motion

You may have heard of Newton’s law of motion. Newton proclaims if an object is at rest, it will remain to do so unless if a force pushes it forward.

How does this correlate to productivity?

Have you ever noticed you are more willing to do something once you are moving or performing an action? I believe Newton’s law also applies to us.

An excellent example of this is the following. Generally, I do not like cleaning. However, there was a specific day where I worked out and thought, well why not clean also? And I proceeded to do so.

Additionally, I like to apply the 2-minute rule in Newton’s law.

If something is going to take less than 2 minutes, I should do it now. Like if you took a bath, clean the bathtub as it should only take about 2 minutes.

There is also the 5-minute rule that I use.

If I’m struggling with any type of task, I tell myself that I will only do 5 minutes of it. But what really happens is, you finish the rest of it due to Newton’s law of motion.

For the last technique, if you are struggling to do a task beforehand, push your body to get into motion. e.g., let’s say you record Youtube videos, so just set up your camera position in the right place, and you will feel compelled to create a video.

Creating a habit

Our everyday actions mainly consist of long term built habits, from watching Youtube videos, playing games, or hanging out with friends. When we miss a pattern, we then crave it.

Habits are tough to build initially, but repeating them makes it easier.

For example, most of us brush our teeth twice a day. Because we are so used to doing this repetitive process, we then don’t think much about it and don’t mind doing it at all.

To create a habit, you must create a schedule, make a promise to yourself that you will do a particular task every day at a specific time, initially it will be tricky, but as time goes on, it will become easier.

After repeating the process for about two weeks or more, you will then see it as a natural thing for you to do.

Remember, these habits do not need to be a drastic change in something you are not used to, but adding small beneficial practices will change you to become a better person in the future.

Get rid of the idea that you don’t have time

Many of us like to tell ourselves that we don’t have time to do a specific task. However, that could be further from the truth. The fact is, you DO have enough time, you just don’t see it important enough to make it a priority.

One proof of this is the following, if you are reading this article right now, that shows you have enough time to do other things. And even if you say I work for 8 hours and when I get home, I need to clean, make food and take care of the kids.

Yes, that might be true, but you can still do some tasks during your lunch hours or when you’re commuting to work or going back home. It may not seem like a lot of time to focus on the task you have in mind, but it is enough to do at least something.

To really get rid of the idea that you don’t have time. What you are really saying is the task is not a big enough priority.


These are the techniques that I have learned to be the most productive person. If you apply these then your life will DRASTICALLY change. I hope now you see my point of view on why you don’t need motivation.

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