5 Powerful Rules Jordan Peterson Teaches

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A man with incredible insights, therefore I have gathered the 5 most powerful rules Jordan Peterson Teaches

Standing up straight shows to have positive effects on your confidence and mood. People and I have seen that we are incredibly more confident and happy upon doing so.

Additionally, you also have an easier time concentration/ If you find yourself struggling to stay awake in school or at work. Before you got a sip of coffee, stand up straight, and it will allow you to concentrate more.

Your Back Will Hurt Less

The back pain industry is worth $50 billion. Approximately 80% of the world struggles with back pain at some point in their lives.

The most common reasons are due to slouching or bad posture. So if you make it a habit to slouch regularly, it will lead to back pain later on in life. Doing this will save you money in the long run, but it will also remove back pain from your life.

Tips for standing up straighter

  • Use a desk chair that has firm lower back support
  • Adjust your chair so that your elbows can form 90-degree angles and your wrists are neutral
  • Adjust your computer monitor so you can see the screen without craning your neck
  • Wear a postural brace or place a small pillow behind your back when sitting
  • Get up and take a break once every hour
  • Adjust your car seat so your knees are lower than your hips
  • Do core-strengthening exercises like planks and bird dogs
  • regularly

Here is a quote from Jordan Peterson To end this section to a close.

Standing Up Straight with Women - negromanosphere

Before we can help others, we first need to help ourselves. You must put yourself first in terms of your mental health and physical health.

Doing so will result in a happier, better version of you. But what does this exactly mean? For example, let’s say your child started drinking heavily. Would you recommend them to keep drinking, or would you tell them to stop?
If you said stop, then this is what you must think of in terms of yourself. If you see you’re drinking too much, then try to reduce it.

This principle extends to also controlling your emotions for you not to end up resentful and vengeful. This also includes articulating your principles for you to defend yourself against others who are trying to take advantage of you. Upon doing so, you need to make promises to yourself and reward yourself for motivating yourself continually.
To close this thought, here is another quote by Jordan Peterson.

How to Practice Self-Care? | The Warrior

Making friends is quite easy, but us people we choose the worst people that are not good for us to become our friends. These people do not believe in your goals, make you feel unhappy and more. You shouldn’t surround yourself with these people as not only will it destroy your goals and ambitions, but it will make you miserable overall.

Instead of surrounding yourself with these people, surround yourself with good quality people. These people are the polar opposite of the ones you want to avoid. They support you in your goals, provide help, and are there for you when you need them.

Jordan Peterson had this to say in relation to this topic

5 Things You Can Learn About Friendship In College

For you to progress, you need to keep a track record of how you were the day before. This will allow you to see areas to improve upon. Though you don’t need to change in the space of a day massively but a little improvement will be excellent instead of none.

Additionally, do not compare yourself to others as it will only lead to sadness. When we look and admire people that seem out of our reach, we then begin to be disappointed in ourselves on how little we have progressed. Yet, we don’t see the sacrifices the other person has made to get to the position that they are in.

Jordan Peterson had this to say about it…

“What if it was the case that the world revealed whatever goodness it contained in precise proportion to your desire for the best? This doesn’t mean you can have what you want merely by wishing it, or that everything is interpretation, or that there is no reality. The world is still there, with its structures and limits. But you can dance with it, and maybe even lead, if you have enough skill and grace

Often, we pursue things that are not worth our time or something that we believe will give us happiness. Most of us think that money will solve many of our problems, yet we seem to forget that this is not the case. Rich people still separate and distance themselves from their children and suffer from multiple issues.

Jordan Peterson had this to say about money…

“There are many problems that money does not solve, and others it makes worse. Rich people still divorce each other, alienate themselves from their children, and suffer from existential angst, and develop cancer and dementia, and die alone and unloved.”


Facing these problems, we have is imperative for our overall health and self-improvement. Jordan Peterson is one to teach such values that I mentioned.

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