8 TOP Canva Tips and Tricks For 2021

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Something all of us busy bloggers have in common is we do not have a lot of time to spare!

Which is why Canva is our modern day superhero tool for all of us! Allowing us to save countless hours on designing and also saving us tons of money on hiring professional graphic designers and developers.

And take my word for it, my art grade in secondary school was horrible, yet with Canva I can easily produce a design that is worthy of beating my art teachers work.

Which is why I have created a simple post on 8 tips and tricks for Canva!

1. Transparency Tool

There is a cool little trick I have done for to make my pins POP. The transparency tool allows you to make images more see through. What I personally like to do, is get a blank element from Canva and cover it with my text/image and giving the transparent element a white background with about 40 to 50% transparency.

This allows your images to stand out more.

2. Grouping

Canva have honestly thought of everything. When creating a custom design, you can group multiple items together, to transform them to one whole image!

This is especially useful if you don’t want to tweak each individual element everytime you change it.

3. Templates

This is my personal favorite tool when all of my creativity has vanished.

When visiting Canva.com and choosing a design type, Canva will automatically show you cool templates for you to use.

4. Font Family

Canva has a wide range of fonts for you to use. These fonts are a game changer if you choose the right combination. Many graphic designers in Canva use different font styles to capture a users’ attention.

When in doubt of your design, be sure to tweak your texts font!

5. Canva Elements

Canva’s elements are amazing graphics to enhance your images. Most of these elements you can change it’s color to suit your needs.

6. Lock Elements

Want to avoid making unintentional changes to elements while you edit other parts of your design?

This is where Canvas lock elements come into play. You can lock an element by selecting on the image and clicking the lock or padlock icon, located at the top of the editor.

7. Trending Style

Trending styles show you the most popular colors other Canva users are adding to their graphics. This can be used for you to gauge what colors people find most appealing.

This section can be found at the styles section, once you have created a design.

8. Canvas Text Style

Canva gives you the ability to change the style of your text. By giving it a cool effect like its text curved feature. You can find this option by selecting your text and clicking on effects.


Well these are my top tricks for any Canva user to use. If you enjoyed this post be sure to sign up for my newsletter, to keep up to date for any new upcoming posts! 🙂

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