10 Powerful Techniques To Be Productive

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1. Write Down Your Goals

How can you be productive if you don’t even know what your goals are? So right now (yes now) I want you to write what you want to achieve in the future, this could be from short term goals to long term ones.

Writing goals also improves upon your discipline, and discipline is important in the long run.

If I still haven’t convinced you let me list down the perks on righting your goals down…

It helps you be clear on what you want

It helps you to stay motivated

It helps to narrow your focus

It gives you realistic time frames to work towards

And finally, it allows you to celebrate your progress

2. Find Out Your Why

It’s simple enough to write down your goals, but it’s hard to maintain them. For every goal you have, you must have a real reason that will allow you to stay motivated. For example, if your goal is to get that beach body for the summer, your reason could be to get stronger or protect people that I care about.

The reason shouldn’t matter if it’s immoral or not, as long as it motivates you.

To give you a cool example was when I was learning to play the guitar. The pure reason for it was to get attention from girls (yes it’s quite a crap one but it motivated me). However, later on I only practiced it because it is something I enjoyed, this is why I’m telling you whether it’s immoral or not, doesn’t really matter.

What is Your Why - LIV Health


This is by far THE most powerful technique I have used that changed me. When you see that time is of a precious resource that you will never get back, you will start to become more goal oriented and obsessed with improving yourself in every way possible. This is due to the fear that you wasted your life in a lot of things that are not good for you and haven’t progressed overall.

For me, I am 22 right now and most people in my country live till the age of 100. So I always think I only have 80 years of my life ahead of me, then I convert those years to hours and it shows you how little we have left on this Earth. Additionally, as you get older you will see time progressing at a much faster rate than usual. This is what motivates me to improve upon myself in everyday life.

And if you adopt this mentality, then It will really change your perspective on everything.

4. Look After Your Health

In order to be more productive, you need to eat the right food and be cautious on what you watch. There are days when I eat incredibly bad and it seems to affect my overall mood and my motivation. But when switching to a healthy lifestyle I am increasingly more motivated and focused.

In terms of watching content, it is best to only watch content that will solve a specific problem you have and not a generic problem. Additionally, watching content that displays hate towards a specific group or ethnicity only wastes your time and blinds you to become a more negative type of person.

In order words if you want to be a person of immense knowledge or productivity, then surround yourself with content that promotes those philosophies.

Working out at night can be hard to motivate for, here's how ...

5. Create a to-do list

Creating a list on the following things you need to do will help you. Why? Well these small tasks overall increases your discipline when you accomplish them, resulting in a better version of yourself in the future.

I made a daily schedule for me to brush my teeth 3 times a day whereas previously I only have done twice. At first, it was difficult but upon doing it after a week I became used to it. These tasks do not need to be anything difficult or big, but they slowly add up to improve yourself overall.


Ok here me out… apparently science has discovered that individuals attention spans increases when looking at cute pictures, how does this work? I have no idea. But here is one quote by them.

Results show that participants performed tasks requiring focused attention more carefully after viewing cute images.” – Link to the study

Funny enough, I actually used this whilst writing this article to give me a bit of a productivity boost and to share that love, here take a look at these cute kittens!

7. Track Your Time

Time as we have discussed is limited, which is why its best for us to keep track of what we spend our time in most part of the day. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to do this. The iPhone has a feature called screen time, which monitors how long you are in a certain application or on the phone in general. However, let’s say you have a laptop or an android phone.

Then you can sign up with Rescue time, they are available for both android and computers. Click here to sign up For Desktop

Rescue Time For Android users Click Here

But tracking your time is not the only thing you need to do. You also need to check what things are providing value to your life and decide whether to remove them. Also, if you are addicted to a platform like YouTube for example, then make a decision to either eliminate that from your life or reduce it to a certain amount. This will result in you having more time to focus on things that are good for you.

8. Don’t multitask

We often like to think that we are amazing productivie machines, where we can focus on multiple things at once. Although this may be true to some extent but in exachange it will sacrafice the quality of your work.

Here let me give you an example. If I focused 30% on reading a book and 70% on creating a video, do you think my YouTube video will have phenomenal quality? Of course not, so it’s much better to focus 100% on a certain task to ensure it’s at the best quality possible.

Multitasking between devices is associated with poorer attention ...

9. Get Sunlight

Recent studies show there is a boost in productivity and alertness when you get more natural light. It is also shown to affect the timing of the circadian clock, which impacts your fatigue and wakefulness.

I always noticed that I am generally more motivated and productive when I open my curtains in the morning, not only do I become happier but I get the sense of being in the zone where nothing can distract me from my work. However, at nighttime it’s quite the opposite, so alternatively I bought a lightbox to focus on my work and it works amazingly!

Side note this is a MUST in winter, after all in winter we hardly get any sunlight.

10. Motivate yourself

Most often than not, we sometimes just do not want to do a certain task. So instead give yourself a little pep talk, tell yourself what are the consequences if you don’t complete this task.

Alternatively, you can also just say “Fuck it” it has been working quite well for me. I found this technique from a Reddit user, this is what he had to say…

“Saying “Fuck it” is honestly more motivating than “You can do this” or any other well-thought-out plan to get something done. Because Fuck it accepts the possibility of failure.
Rather than trying to find the perfect way to not fall off that beam, to achieve the best outcome; when I am stuck against a motivational wall, “Fuck it” and just going for it has worked the best to push through.
There is always more prep I could do, or I could get bogged down in avoiding negative outcomes. But at some point, I just need to not care if I fail. Yeah, it might suck. But it’s better than doing nothing. And “fuck it” is like taking my emotions off the hook. It’s giving me permission to fail.
And thats when I find that the beam was in fact on the ground.
So “Fuck it,” just go for it.”

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