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How NoFap Is The Start To Happiness And Success

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In this post, I am going to be telling you the secret to untapped motivation, happiness, and success. What is the secret you may ask?

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NoFap is abstaining from pornography, masturbation, and ejaculation. It seems simple, but difficult to implement this into our daily lives.

I used to be addicted to porn but after quitting it, I am now reaching my untapped potential.

These are the benefits of my NoFap Journey…

Increased Aggression

Now, I don’t mean I am randomly angry all the time. But I do mean that I set my limits when someone pushes them. One instance was when an individual disrespected me, I was now able to look at the firm and talked to them in a strong and aggressive tone.

Now, this is not me AT ALL! I used to be the person who never stood up when mistreated and always shrugged things off. This can be looked as a negative, but for me, I see it as a positive as now I have the balls to stand up in the face of injustice.

Increased Confidence

Whenever I walk outside I keep my head up high, whereas before I slouched and looked down whenever someone was looking at me. NoFap has given me the ability to talk to people and approach them with no fear. This is incredibly powerful when talking to women, they seem to notice that energy you project and are quite attracted to it also.

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Increased Drive

Before NoFap, I used to play games all day, slouch on the couch and do nothing with my life. But now, I am working out, writing on, and also created a blog (this current one you are reading). With this drive that you get from NoFap, there are many productive outlets you can push that energy to, whether that’s art or playing the guitar.

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Private Area Enlargement

This is a bit personal, but I had to say it… My Penis has gotten DRASTICALLY larger in every way. Take this as a benefit if you want to start this journey.

Happier Than Usual

With NoFap your mind is clear and focused and as a result, you become happier, especially if you’re pursuing your passions. NoFap gives you the mentality of clear thoughts and focus. As in, you know what you must do to become successful and how to get there

Female Attraction

This is quite a common one as a list of benefits, but my god is it true. Whenever I go out I get A LOT of attention, maybe it’s from the way I walk or my confidence shining through. Something crazy happened to me yesterday due to NoFap, a woman was passing by looking at me, and immediately after I stared at her intensely she giggled as she walked by.

Let me tell you, that has NEVER happened to me, and by god did I love it!


Deeper Voice

After week 3 of NoFap, I noticed my voice has gotten deeper and more masculine. The type of voice I have now pretty much signified that I don’t give a shit what happens. Oddly enough, this new voice that I now have has improved my singing skills.

Random Energy Bursts When Working Out

When you work out you generally get tired quite quickly right? But I guarantee you, if you start doing NoFap you will randomly have more strength and get a burst of energy when you were tired.

When I was working out, I was exhausted but then something deep inside me activated and I had a massive boost in my energy and strength, I suddenly could lift 9kg where I was only lifting 7k previously.

To be fair, this kind of energy is a bit scary, since you do get A LOT of it out of nowhere.

Growth Of Muscle At a Rapid Rate

My recovery is a lot faster than previously after a workout but even when there are days when I don’t work out I can tell I am growing muscle in practically every place, I believe this is due to the testosterone that we get from NoFap.


Where Do All Of These Benefits Come From?

The majority of these benefits come from one simple hormone that we have. That hormone is Testosterone, though we can always take pills to give us a Testosterone boost, but where is the fun in that? Since after all we should be improving to fight our addictions and become a better person overall.

And that is where becoming a Legendary Spartan comes from. Being a Legendary Spartan means fighting our mental and physical battles within ourselves. It means living your life to its fullest when you realize how limited our time on Earth is.

That is the whole purpose of this website, making you grow into the Legendary Spartan you are meant to be if you are interested in growing to that point then sign up to our newsletter and I promise you, your life will change for the better.


Even if you may not have an addiction to pornography as I did, it’s still important for you to take this journey. This journey will allow you to grow in multiple aspects even if you’re not addicted.


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