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How To Make a Long Distant Relationship Work In 2020?

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Listen To Each Other

In any relationship to work, you will need to listen to each other, especially in long distance relationships. If your partner complains about something that you are doing, listen to them and understand their feelings. If their feelings are based of jealousy try and find out where that jealousy comes from, upon doing so try and reassure them and comfort their jealousy

Make Plans For The Future

Being in a long distance relationship is hard, but it’s even harder to maintain if you don’t know when you two will meet again. Be sure to talk to them and ask them when is it the best time for you two to see each other or even you could potentially surprise them if they enjoy that sort of thing.

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Be Randomly Romantic

Being Romantic can be quite hard when you two live far away, but don’t worry grasshopper I will teach you my ways. There was one time when I ordered something for my girlfriend afar. One of them was Uber eats and flowers (lost count to the amount of flowers I gave her).

Not only was she really happy but it gave a bit of spice and excitement in our relationship.

Set Up Date Nights

But how you may be asking, date nights don’t necessarily need to be physical places you two go to. But it could also be ordering a mystery food for each other whilst wearing a nice outfit on a skype call. Or it could be you two watching a netflix movie whilst sharing the screen on your computer.

Those are a few of the things that I have done, the other thing that I loved to do is play an online game together on our phones (monopoly & Risk was one that we played)

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Talk About The Future Together

Talking about the future sets up for one thing. It shows your clear intentions with this person and allows you to see if both of you are meant to be together in the long term.

If your future ideas are similar to theirs, then you will inevitably grow closer to them and be excited that you will be spending your life with them.

Be Honest

Being honest is more so important in a long distance relationship, as it is the only thing you have together. If they find out you haven’t been honest it will ruin your relationship. But being honest also is setting your intentions to them, even if they do not accept your ideologies or ideas then simply accept that and let them go if it’s that much of a burden for them.

The reason for this is that time is limited and precious, you need to make the most of what you have while you are living in this time limited earth.

Set Up Timelines

In a long distance relationship, you can sometimes think what is the point in dating. This is where you make goals on what you should work towards in your relationship. This could be from moving in together, getting married at a certain date and so on. Doing so will give a purpose on you two dating.

Rules To Follow When Dating

Don’t Date Due Insecurities

I get it, I use to date because I hated feeling alone, some of you may be dating for other reasons. But trust me, it’s not worth. Since eventually those insecurities will be shown and hurt your relationship. Alternatively focus upon improving yourself and loving yourself first, since if they leave you, you will be left feeling more devastated then previously.

One thing I like to say here is – BE A SPARTAN

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What does this mean? It means controlling your emotions when necessary, it means focusing on being the best version of yourself. It means taking all of lifes struggles and dealing with them not to mention also beating them ;).

This also includes in relationships, that is you won’t fight out of anger, but instead, you will control your anger and express your thoughts effectively, and if at the end the relationship fails you will keep your head up high and move forward.

Date The Person If You Know They Will Support Your Goal And Improve Your Overall Self

Dating anyone is easy, but dating the right person is hard. The right person will support you in your goals as you will support them in theirs, the right person will make you the best version of yourself.

This is the person you seek out for, and not someone who is a bad match for you but attractive.

Don’t Date The Person Just Because They’re “Hot”

I know, we like to date a person that is incredibly fashionable and one that we like to brag off to our friends. I don’t blame you, since that’s what I used to do. But I began to realize that looks fade and in the long run personality is what matters the most. Since if they have no personality then as they get older you will regret dating them.

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