The Number One Best Tool To Use For Email Marketing

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I’ve used quite a few email marketing tools, ones that are free to use, and others you need to pay for. Which one is the best?

From my experience, the best tool by far is Flodesk. Their pricing is super simple. For $38 per month, you get unlimited subscribers and access to all features. 

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Flodesk has a lot of features that you can use. Here’s a list of them…

The Flodesk Email Builder

Flodesks email builder not only is it beautiful but it’s very intuitive to use. The email builder is simple to use, a simple glance of it and you will instantly know how to use this tool.

Let’s head into the email builder for an in-depth look.

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The email builder shows you a list of templates for you to use. They also have a neat feature that asks what is the purpose of your email, to better highlight which templates you should use.

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When selecting a template, it will give you a brief description and allows you to preview it on desktop and mobile.

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When choosing a template, you can select a few layouts for your email. But you can also add links to certain texts and also blocks which give you the following features…

  • Logo
  • Link bar 
  • Image
  • Layouts
  • Instagram Feed 
  • Text
  • Button
  • Divider Line
  • Spacer
  • Social Icons
  • Footer (This contains the “unsubscribe” link. You can choose from a selection of different footer messages.)
  • Address 

Additionally, Flodesk has 30 pre-formatted text and image layouts that you can add to your emails. This allows you to change fonts, colors, and change the content layout of your blocks. 

Which will result in your email looking incredibly unique! 

Something else that is worth mentioning most email providers have a small selection of fonts, but with Flodesk you have a collection of over 100 fonts that look high quality. 

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Flodesk Analytics

Flodesks analytics shows you a few things, the open rate of your emails, click rate, and also the number of recipients you have.

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However, you can go even further by clicking on the “View Results” button. This will give you a more comprehensive overview of how your email performed. 

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But it’s important to note, a few of the individuals that I have talked to about Flodesk, have reported a few of the email sents were sent to the spam folder of their readers, whereas others have expressed an increase in the open rate of their emails.

In conclusion, you will need to try out Flodesk for yourself to determine if it’s a viable switch to do.


Flodesk has the ability to show you your subscribers from all of your audience segments, and also the number of subscribers you have for specific segments.

Here are a few of the features they have…

Subscriber status — active, unsubscribed, bounced, marked as spam

Activity — active within a certain timeframe

Source — CSV import, manual addition, opt-in form

Custom data field

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If you click on the subscriber’s email address, it will give you more detailed analytics. Including their lifetime open rate, lifetime click rate, and the total number of emails they have opened.

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This information can be incredibly useful for you to analyze what type of content your subscribers want, or the type of content they’re more engaged with.

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Flodesk allows you to organize your subscribers using segments. Flodesks segment feature allows you to manually add your subscribers, either individually or by uploading a CSV file.

You can also automatically sort subscribers into a segment when they sign up through a specific form.

Lastly, Flodesk gives you the ability to send an email to your entire list and not just a specific segment. It’s important to note, that if you have subscribers on both segments, Flodesk will only send an email to one of them. Which will prevent subscribers from receiving duplicate emails.

Flodesk Forms

When clicking on the Forms tab, you will be able to see all of your forms at a glance.

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Flodesk has six popups, inline, and full-page form templates for you to choose from.

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You can customize them with your own colors and images, including a dozen of Flodesk’s provided fonts.

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Most forms on Flodesk look amazing, however, the inline form that allows you to show a picture of your lead magnet has one devastating flaw. The mobile breakpoint is too wide and the mobile version of the form does not display the image.

But what does this mean you may ask?

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It means this form shows up like this on the desktop version of my blog: 

Taken By Author

This can be very disheartening when you are putting a lot of effort into one design, that won’t be translated to your website.

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Workflows are a tool to build email sequences in Flodesk. The workflow page on Flodesk has a beautiful interface that shows all of the next sequences of your email in a nice simple view.

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When you click to build a workflow, the first thing you will see is a selection of templates for you to choose from.

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But if you want to, you can also create one from scratch. Workflow has 4 types of templates…

  • Nurture Sequence
  • Welcome Sequence
  • Lead Magnet Delivery
  • Sales Sequence

Which will surely fit all of your needs, it is also very friendly for beginners. 

Workflow Triggers

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When creating a workflow, it is vital to set a trigger. The trigger will allow you to do multiple things, like sending a subscriber an email when they opt-in or send them an email 2/3 days after signing up

Workflow conditions

Currently, there are 4 types of conditions you can set for workflow.

  • Email
  • Time Delay
  • Condition
  • Action
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The email condition lets you select an email to be sent as the next step of your workflow.

The time delay gives you the option to delay any further action for the specified amount of time.

This could be minutes, hours, days

A certain day of the week (you can set multiple days of the week.)

A certain time of the day.

A certain day of the year, which you can also set the date and time.

The condition condition sets your workflow to take a certain action if some requirements are met, there are currently 4 choices for setting a condition

Take action if a subscriber is in a specific segment

Take action if a subscriber opened a certain email in the workflow.

Take action if a subscriber clicked on a link in a specific email.

Take action if a field matches a specific value, please note the only fields you can currently match are their first and last name fields.

The action condition allows you to automatically add or remove a subscriber from a segment. These will allow you for detailed segmentation and also automation. And whats even more amazing is, that I’ve never seen a builder that is incredibly easy to understand for a user.

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Due to Flodesk being quite new, it doesn’t have that many integrations. However, they have an integration with Shopify, which will allow you to send a follow-up email after a sale. 

They also have an integration with stripe for your use.

additional features

Due to Flodesk being the new kid on the block, it doesn’t have all new features and integrations. However, here is a few other features that Flodesk has…

Double OPT-IN

GDPR Consent Checkbox

A/B Testing

Subscriber Tags

Resend To Unopens

Flodesk Pricing

Flodesk is very competitive in the pricing name of things. Flodesk currently costs $39 a month. However, they do not put a cap to how many subscribers you have, which is amazing for people who have huge email lists. 

Even if this price may be steep for you, you can get Flodesk 50% off through my affiliate link here, which in total will make it $19 a month for life.

My thoughts on Flodesk

Currently, although Flodesk doesn’t have many features at the moment, I do think its pricing point is a steal. Especially with the discount mentioned.

However, if you are looking for an email marketing service to handle your sales, then at this point in time I can not recommend Flodesk. I recommend Flodesk for bloggers, as it has all of the features we currently need to run/operate our blogs.

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