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6 Amazing Tools To Create Eye-Catching Pinterest Images

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Do you need help on the best tools to use to create eye-catching Pinterest images? well this article is for you! I will list to you the 6 best tools to use for your Pinterest game, including one bonus tip 😉


The first tool to use to create eye-catching Pinterest images is PicMonkey is one of the most popular free online photo editors. It has impressive features that are free to use like, cropping, resizing, adding a pretty border, and fun shapes. It is also incredibly easy to make a Collage with PickMonkey.



If you’re sharing lots of images that include people, Ipiccy is a really cool all in one photo editing tool. On the “Retouch” tab, iPiccy has everything from giving yourself a tan or removing red eyes on your photos. However, this is not limited to the other features they have in some of the other tabs. 



Recite not only is it easy to use, but it has an incredibly beautiful user interface. This tool allows you to transform any quote into an eye-catching worthy image in a matter of seconds! All you will need to do is type in your quote, scroll through the bottom section, and find a design you like best to use for Pinterest. It’s that simple and effective! 

However, if Recitres is not your cup of tea, then definitely use Quote Cover, which does precisely the same.



Pinwords allows you to add eye-catching text to your images. If you want an easy to use tool to add text to your articles, then definitely check Pinwords, as it’s for this type of use. 


Studio Design

Studio Design is a free mobile photo-editing app. It has over 500 shapes, fonts, and features, not to mention its cool photo filters. The strong point of this app is, you can use it anywhere. After all, it is on your phone. 



Canva, as you already know, is the go-to place for most Pinterest designs, Canva offers not only images, shapes, and fonts, but it also has filters for you to use for your pictures. However, the one downside to Canva is the following. Most of its good images will require you to buy their subscription. However, I have found one website that offers you high-quality photos for free…

Canva valuation hits $3.2b as it launches Canva for Enterprise | ZDNet


Freepik is the number one tool that I use to get high-quality images for my Pinterest. Every photo you find here is free. However, you can show your support to the artists by donating or following their social media accounts. 

Freepik, combined with Canva, is a powerful combination that you must use!

Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD Downloads | Freepik


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