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Most of the keyword research tools I found are either too expensive or cannot do some in-depth research. However, today I found KWFinder the best keyword research tool that is cost-effective and fits any bloggers purpose!

Drumroll, please! šŸ„

That keyword tool is none other than KWFinder.
In case you have no idea what keyword research is, it’s essential finding the best keywords for you to put on your content that will acquire more traffic from google and other search engines.
Without it, you will be competing on highly competitive keywords like “Top 10 foods to make while in lockdown.”
Now that I got that out of the way, let me tell you KWfinders capabilitiesā€¦

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They have three important metrics for any blogger, keyword suggestion, monthly traffic, and KD, also known as keyword difficulty.

Using KD to maximise Your Traffic

KD measures how hard it will be for you to rank for a particular keyword. If the KD is 54 or higher, then it specifies that it will be incredibly difficult for you to rank your blog post to the top 10 of Googles search results.

However, with a KD level of 36 or lower, then it will be relatively easy for you to rank high for this keyword.

kwfinder_review, kwfinder best keyword research tool, keyword research tool, kwfinder pricing

This screenshot specifies that it will be easy to rank for the phrase “chocolate chip brownies” And has a monthly search volume of 3,000. This is where you can decide if it’s worth the time for you to try and rank for this keyword.

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In KWfinder, the colors measure how difficult it is to rank for a particular keyword.

kwfinder keyword seo difficulty list

The harder it is to rank for a keyword, the more traffic you will attain. However, from personal experience, I highly suggest to rank for easy keywords first.

Keyword Suggestions

One cool feature that KWFinder does is it gives you a list of suggestionsā€¦

kwfinder review, kwfinder best keyword research tool, keyword research tool, kwfinder pricing

And just like that, you just found a list of easy keywords to rank for!

Analyze SERP Competition

The SERP Checker is a feature that helps to evaluate the SERP of any given keyword. This allows you to find out what are the top pages ranking for a particular keyword is, and of course, their SEO Metrics.
You can go even further by clicking the “manage metrics” button where you can use which SEO metrics you would like to show.

kwfinder review, kwfinder best keyword research tool, keyword research tool, kwfinder pricing

KWFinder Features You Will Love

I have mentioned the main features, but I want you to pay attention to the extra features KWFinder has, which will help you find high-ranking keywords.

1- Use ā€˜results filterā€™ to customize the keyword results
2- Location and Language settings to target local keywords
3- Autocomplete and questions feature for keywords
4- Extremely useful SEO metrics
5- Helps to save a list of keywords

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KWFinder Pricing

Below I listed the prices for KWFinder, the more expensive plans allow you to do even more keyword searches, but for any blogger, the basic is still good enough for your needs.

Click here to see the price plans.

kwfinder review, kwfinder best keyword research tool, best keyword research tools, kwfinder pricing


  • Itā€™s easy to use for any new blogger.
  • Kwfinder has a neat, and intuitive dashboard.
  • Gives an accurate search volume.
  • Provides an SEO difficulty score for a keyword
  • Find keywords according to location, and language.
  • Live chat available


  • A limited number of keyword suggestions. You will need to upgrade the plan for more suggestions.
  • Some results are not automatically displayed.

Who Is KWFinder for?

KWFinder is a must-have tool for any starting out blogger. They give you more than enough tools for you to do your keyword research. And ensure your success as a blogger. Even for more experienced bloggers, KWFinder’s price point is a steal and still gives you all of the features compared to the more expensive tools like Ahrefs.


If you want to build your organic traffic for your website, then look into keyword research tools. For me, I have found KWFinder to be the best tool at the best price.

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