Foolproof Guide To Make Money On Pinterest! (Earn $1,000 Extra Per Month!)

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Pinterest can be a great way to make an income. Here are the top 10 ways to create an income with Pinterest.

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Affiliate Marketing

Are you passionate about a product? Then check if you can be an affiliate for it. Upon finding the right affiliate product, you can create a pin for it and watch the sales come in.

If you can create an eye-catching pin, most individuals will share it to others. If you do not get results, try to invest on Pinterest ads to speed up the process.

Create a Blog

Creating a blog can be difficult. But it allows you to create multiple streams of income.

From affiliate products, Facebook groups, email list advertising, Product sales and advertisements on your blog.

This option is the safest and cost-efficient way to create your extra $1000 month.

But, if you are going through the path of creating your blog, be sure you are passionate about it. As results may take long.

Set Up a Print On Demand Store

I have used Pinterest to advertise my shirts on Redbubble. Redbubble allows you to create designs and put them on shirts, bags, clocks and blankets. If you love creating art then create a Redbubble account.

The benefit of doing this is, there are no costs! But how can you advertise your Redbubble designs on Pinterest? By copying your design and uploading it to Pinterest.


I haven’t had much success with Shopify dropshipping. Except for eBay dropshipping.

Dropshipping involves you putting a higher price on your product, and buying the product cheaper on a different store. Most people create a dropshipping store on Shopify, it has its own benefits, but the catch is you have no customer trust.

Instead, create a dropshipping store on eBay. Customers already have trust with eBay and a large stream of traffic already comes in. So, all you need to do is find a product, pin it on Pinterest and profit

Sell Your E-Book

If you are a fellow writer like me, why not make a book of your knowledge, or even a fictional book! Once you have created your book, submit it to KDP and advertise it on Pinterest. The positive side of this business strategy is, you do not have any costs.

Create a Newsletter

I Hear you asking, but Luis, how can I make money from a newsletter? It’s quite simple really, if you have a large email list, you can contact advertisers to place their ads on your next upcoming email.

You can find these advertisers from websites like and

Create a Podcast

A Podcast is where you pick a topic to talk about, record it and upload it to a platform like Spotify or Anchor.FM. You can make money via sponsorships. If you have a large listener base on your podcast, you can make a lot of money from recording your voice.

Create Songs For Spotify/Apple Music

Are you a singer or song writer? If so, you can upload your music to these platforms, and earn a certain amount for each song someone listens to. You can advertise your songs on platforms like Pinterest with their new video pins.

Set Up a Consultancy

If you have knowledge on a specific industry, like SEO or backlinking. You can sell these services on your blog, and set your hourly rates. Then market it on Pinterest.

Create a Facebook Group

You can make a good amount of money with Facebook Groups. With Facebook Groups, create a group for a specific niche, this could be digital marketing or SEO. Once created, go to and communicate with sellers around this niche. And inform them you will be paying them a certain amount per month to help/teach your Facebook Group members.

If you can not pay them a certain amount, split the revenue you make from your Facebook group to the mentor. In order for this to work, you will need to find your customers and tell them you can give mentorship to them for $5 per month.

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