How To DOUBLE Your Blog Traffic (in 1 month!)

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Why You Should Increase Your Blog Traffic?

Increasing your blog traffic gives you many opportunities. From increasing your revenue to growing your email list.

If you want the short answer on how to increase your blog traffic, it was by using Pinterest and tailwind.

If you want to know how! Then stick around 🙂

Pinterest marketing strategy

Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest. Though Pinterest can be hard to market at times, my key strategy is to manually pin 2 or 3 pins I have created. Pinterest promotes more of your pins if you do it manually, in contrast to using tailwind.

With this said, I also get inspiration from different pins I see, concerning a certain topic.

From searching Pinterest on, I then check what type of designs are most popular, and which ones grab my attention the most.

As a secret tip I have developed, I also check the amount of followers a Pinterest profile has.

The reason for this technique is the following… If a user has a large following, its most likely their pin is at the top purely from their followers engagement for that pin. However, if they have a lower following and its at the top of the page, its most likely due to its compelling design.

Tailwind Tribes

After getting inspiration on the type of pin, I will be making, I then join relevant Tailwind Tribes to promote my pins to. Additionally, I do a lot of research before joining a tribe by checking…

The activity rate & amount of collabraters. Generally speaking, I only join a tribe if it has a large amount of collabraters, as this increases the probability of my pin going viral.

An additional technique that I have used. I check what times a pin has been submitted to a tribe. You can check this by hovering over the tribes pin.

The reason you should do this, is to find the best times to submit your pin. To find the average, find the highest repost amount for a few pins and look at the time it was submitted. Do this for 10 pins for you to get an average of the best time for you to submit your pins to a tribe.

When completed, create 3 pins for the specified topic.


Quora can help you with getting a lot of views quickly on your blog. However, the best methods I found was to answer a question and check who liked my answer, and directly message them to check out my blog or join my newsletter.

This can be a hit or miss sometimes, but it is worth giving it a try, if you’re looking to grow your newsletter.


Well, these are all my secret tricks that I have used. If you liked it, do consider joining my newsletter or saving my pin to your most relevant Pinterest board.

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